Texture, Relaxing, Conditioning & Treatment Services

Texture and Relaxing Services


  • Tangles believes in beautiful healthy hair!  In keeping with that belief we will guide you in the correct choice of chemical service.
  •  Texture and perms services are a great way to add body or to help support a style. They can vary in how long they will last  depending on how these services are done, and what you are wanting
         FOR  Those of You  with a hard to handle wave or non uniform curl, relaxing or Perming can be of great help.              
  • Proper at home care is a MUST with all of these services. Only the products your stylist recommends can be used to for the service to be guaranteed. We will explain why.These services may include shampooing with a deep cleansing shampoo, porosity balancing conditioner  and a post condition treatment. If other treatments are needed they will be done at an extra cost.
  • Haircuts are an additional charge and add 30 to 45 min.


Permanent Waves

$81 and up
Basic Wrap (short /layered)
2 Hours
$96 and up
Basic (one length shoulder)
2.5 Hours
$65 and up
Partial Wrap (half head)
2 Hours
$160 and up
Specialty Wraps
Consultation & deposit are required for specialty wraps.
4 Hours


$81 and up
Relaxes naturally curly, wavy, or permed hair. Will give you a new look and feel to your hair! This service includes any pre and post conditioning treatment needed. Consultation required for relaxing previously chemically treated hair. Proper conditioning is a must with recommended at home care.
2 hours
$91 and up
Shoulder Length
Consultation required.
2.5 to 3 hours
$51 and up
How often retouching outgrowth is needed depends on how curly the hair is and how fast it grows.Treatment cannot be reapplied to the previously relaxed hair.
1.25 Hours

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