We believe in beautiful, healthy and functional hair... your hair goes everywhere you go. It's a "garment" all to itself, only you don't take it off ! It can say a lot about you too. Are you fun, serious, sporty or professional?  As with most of us we are complicated, but your hair doesn't have to be.  

STRAIGHT HAIR... has factors that effect it's behavior and look, such as growth pattern,texture and density. Head structure is extremely important as well. We understand this and use our knowledge to create a style / cut that works for you. How much time you do or do not want to spend styling your hair  will also determine the direction we will take you in. The health/condition of your hair has a huge effect on its' manageability. We will guide you in the right direction to keep your hair healthy so that it behaves as it should.

WE CAN change... the texture of your straight hair if you like with adding curl ( perm / texture ) or just enough "body"  to help your hair behave in a different manner, hold a curl better or add a touch of volume.

NATURAL CURLY / WAVY  hair... has its' own special needs. We all here have a certain degree of body to our hair. From just a hint of a wave to extremely curly. So we understand it's unique "personalities" and how very important it is to keep it healthy. We can help you "control" ( tame, but never domesticate! )  some of the difficulties curly hair can have. We can explain why the correct hair care at home with professional products  can be the difference between  " frizzy " and beautiful ! We can show you a few styling tricks to help you have more of those " good hair days. "

WE CAN RELAX...  your curl for a different look. We have  quality products to choose from and your curl or needs will determine which we would use. We do not however, use the " Brazilian Blowout " type of products due to the health related issues  with these kinds of services. (This is still a controversial subject and the debate continues).

COLOR... there are so many ways to color hair ! It can be relatively straight forward or quite complicated. It is amazing what color can do! It is so much fun to do too! We can leave the style or length  that you already like  and just change the color ! We will  guide you with the correct selection of tonal value or technique we will use. Time needed in the salon for maintenance  or budget will also be a determining factor in our suggestion to you. And while people sometimes want to change their color like clothes....it can seriously compromise hairs health and future manageability especially if your hair is long.

DOING ANY chemical service... to hair requires an experienced stylist and quality products to do them.  Our stylists are experienced, and kept current with updated education.  This allows us to offer you what's new and put those quality products to expert use.

WHILE WE DO NOT have skincare services in the salon....WE DO HAVE a professional skin care line called HYDROPEPTIDE.  We here at Tangles care about our own skins health and appearance just like you do. That is why we use and recommend  this Skin Care Line. It is as advanced of a skincare product as you can get  and it's here for you to take home. Their products are used in some of the top 10 Spas in the world. No kidding.  It's focus is younger-looking skin (our skin starts to age MUCH sooner than you might think) and you will get it with this product. We use it ourselves and have many happy clients that do too. We would be happy to inform you on how it works. 

JANE IRDALE MINERAL COSMETICS... is a natural mineral product of the highest quality, ( and also recommended by many  Cosmetic Surgeons ).  Jane has been around since 1994 and we have carried it since the very beginning. It's healthy and gentle for your skin . It contains NO TALC which is VERY important because talc is a cheap filler and harmful to your skin. Jane has the ability to protect your skin from the sun too....naturally.  All the  other  "mineral cosmetic " lines try to compare .....they can't !  We would be happy to show you her products or do a full make-up application, (by appointment ).

WE UNDERSTAND... that you have a busy life and want your services to be of value to you  proving money and time are well spent. We believe in taking care of you and work as a team to do so. We are not independent of one another, we work together to make sure you are cared for. What you think and feel is important to us.                    WE CARE ABOUT YOU AND KNOW ABOUT HAIR.

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