Tangles News

Lori Elloitts' 15 year Anniversary with Tangles

   Lori is a wonderful person and a great member of my staff. She has been with me since 1997. She moved here from Spokane with her family and fell in love with this area. To think 15 years have gone by is simply amazing. 
    Her love for this industry and her clients shine through in her work. If you have been in her chair you'll know what I mean. If you haven't , well you should. She gives each of her clients the attention they / you deserve.
    To say she is "interested" in herbs is a serious understatement. She has a beautiful organic Herb Garden at her home that she tends with loving care. She also has a booth called "Urban Herbs"  at the Summer Market...maybe you saw her there. She has some truly great dried herb mixes and yummy teas! Not to mention her fresh goodies!
     I look forward to the coming years and having her a part of Tangles.    By,  Kim DeAnda

Donation to Spartan Guard

  Tangles donated $500.00 to the Sentinel Spartan Guard.  Funding for Sentinel High School Academics is not sufficiant to meet their needs. This will go to books, supplies and equipment. We are one of many who have helped. If you would like to be involved, I am sure they would love to hear from you..
    Just a note: Unfortunately, this is not just a Sentinel issue, a Missoula issue, not even just a Montana issue. Schools across the country have been in need for a very long time.

Wendell Petersens' 20 year Anniversary with Tangles

  First, I want to say that it has and continues to be a pleasure to work with Wendell Petersen. He started working for me in January of 1993, just 3 months after I opened Tangles. Without a doubt Tangles would not be the same without him. He not only is a talented stylist but he is my right hand man and has never let me down....even when I make a mistake here and there ( I make so few you understand! Ha!).
  Wendell is the Past President of  the National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology (NIC). This is an honor to be sure. He traveled twice to China to help establish their Cosmetology Exams. He did countless other duties, too many to state here.
  Wendell is also the Chairman on the Montana State Board of Barbers and Cosmetology and has been for years. In fact, he is the longest standing Board Member to date!! He continues to work to better our profession.
  If that is not enough...he has been "Best Hairdresser" in 2009 and 2010. Not to mention, but of course I will, he has contributed to our " Best Place for a Hair Cut " and in earlier years " Best Hair Salon " since 2001 as well.
  It is with great pride and gratitude to wish Wendell a Happy Twenty Years with Tangles and I look forward to the years to come.  Kim DeAnda

False information

    We were made aware of some false information about being an outlet for Sephora cosmetics/gift cards. How this information got out there is beyond me. I did see it online, when I searched for it after a young woman came in asking for a gift card. I will get to the bottom of it though because she was upset and rightly so. As always, we are here to be of help to our clients and I do not like this sort of thing happening. Thank You for your understanding. Kim


In May I closed Tangles down for a day. I brought in a national educator for Redken by the name of Kevin Champagne. My Staff and I had a personal hands on day of working with the new color  CHROMATICS.  
This is truly  a new technology. There are other non-ammonia products out there...but, they cannot deliver the results Chromatics can. Not only is the color beautiful, but, the condition and the body this gives the hair is nothing short of amazing. 
If you have a sensitive scalp, are allergic to most color or are put off by the ammonia smell.....this color is for you. If you want a more " natural color "....Chromatics is for you.
    Our fine haired clients are loving the " feel " (body) after their color service. Our curly haired clients like how it " calms "  (conditions) their hair. Our health challenged hair clients love how their hair is stronger (protein infused) and handles  easier. Not to mention the shine your hair will have.  And these benefits continue on....they don't go away. Amazing. 
       Look below and read more about CHROMATICS !!

Chromatics Prismatic Permanent Color

New Chromatics Prismatic Permanent Color uses breakthrough Oil Delivery System (ODS2) + Protein Extract Technology to deliver multi-dimensional, 4D color deep into every hair strand. No ammonia, no odor—just stunning, high shine color and hair that’s 2x more fortified* with Chromatics than without.

ODS2  + Protein Extract Technology
  •     Natural & Natural Warm families for optimal reflective properties
  •     R5 dye for powerful true-red results
  •     Rubilane® technology for vibrant coppers
  •     Clear for the ultimate in versatility

ODS² (Oil Delivery System) is a breakthrough Zero Ammonia carrier system that revolutionizes the way active ingredients are delivered to the hair strand.  A mixture of dyes, oil and protein extracts surrounds the hair's cuticle  ODS² propels dyes and protein extracts into the cortex  The hair strand is 2X fortified and infused with multi-dimensional color.


  Back in 1992 I (Kim DeAnda) bought the building that Tangles is in. I gutted it and totally rebuilt it. Hard to believe it's been 20 years! I want to say to my staff  THANK YOU for helping me make it as successful as Tangles is.
  Wendell will be with me 20 years next January.....Lori will be 14 years here this September...Elizabeth will be here 12 years also in September and Dawn the  "Baby" of the family,  will be here 7 years this May.
  I also want to thank the clientele of  Tangles for their continued support. I have clients that I personally have worked with well over the 20 years of me being here ( Believe it or not :) ) and those many that have become long standing  personal clients since the beginning 20 years ago.
  So, with a grateful heart......I thank my staff and all the clients that have, and continue to, walk through Tangles door.

Tomy Parker Benefit

Tomy Parker is a Veteran from Ronan that lost his legs and an arm in an explosion. The benefit is sponsored by Writing with Light Photography. This is the 2nd  "Pictures from the Heart " cause. Call Brittany Mc Laughlin at 360-9810 for more information / appointment on the Special Deals ($10.00 for a 5x7 or $25 for a CD) for  Photos that help raise the funds for Tomy. This is happening at the Double Tree  on January 21st and 22nd 11a.m. to 8p.m.. Tangles donated an item as one of the door prizes you could win!!

Marc Doty

Tangles Hairstyling wants to let you know about a community member in need of help. If you didn't see the story about Marc Doty on the Today show, he is a Missoulian who is in need of help with medical bills. Tangles sent in a donation and would like to ask that you do the same! Please go to Indiegogo.com and pledge funds!

Drummond High School

Tangles donated products to the Junior Class of Drummond for a silent auction to help raise money for a trip to Washington D.C. How exciting for these guys and gals! Help these kids meet their goal for a trip they will never forget!


Ever hear of CASA? It stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates of Missoula,( for children). They recruit, screen, train and supervise community volunteers to advocate in court for abused  and neglected children. They stand up and protect those who can't do it for themselves. They help place children in safe and permanent homes where they can thrive.
On February 3, 2012 they hold their  LIGHT of HOPE BANQUET .....which Tangles has donated a silent  auction item to help them raise funds. They relie on community support for 45% of their annual program. To our fellow business community : JOIN IN  and donate! To our fellow community members : volunteer !

Missoula Aging Services

Tangles Hairstyling has become aware of this wonderful organization as of late and  we would like to invite everyone to donate funds or time for the betterment of our aging community members. Tangles donated funds to help a woman named Barbara who is in need of everything. Yes, I said everything. Personal clothing  and household items. So, all you have to do is contact Missoula Aging Services at  senior@missoulaagingservices.org   or   728-7682 to see how you can help her or others. We at Tangles, thank you!

C S Porter School

Tangles Hairstyling is pleased to say that we have donated to C. S. Porter School. The funds will be used by the teachers to help supply classrooms with items some of them need. Jump on the band wagon and lend them a helping hand!

Garden City Harvest Sponsorship

Again, Tangles has a great sponsorship to tell you about!  Garden City Harvest (GCH) builds community through agriculture by growing food with and for low-income Missoulians, offering education and training in ecological agriculture. They use their farm and garden sites for the personal restoration of youth and adults. A very worth while cause, don't you think? For more information on how you can help, go to www.gardencityharvest.org

Tangles and Wendell Petersen Finalist in BEST OF MISSOULA !

Super News!! Tangles and our own Wendell Petersen were finalists in THE BEST OF MISSOULA ! Not really a surprise now is it? We thank all of you who voted, and if you didn't........there's always next year!!

Note Worthy Sponsorship

Tangles is a believer in supporting our local community. Our latest sponsorship is to the Watershed Education Network. We would encourage you to find out more about this nonprofit. WEN is an organization that fosters knowledge, understanding and appreciation of watershed health through science. Each spring and fall, WEN leads more than 2,000 students from local schools to 30 streams across western Montana. Go and support the 3rd annual Mayfly Fling , May 1, 2011. Go to www.montanawatershed.org for more information.


Our four footed friends in need

Tangles is fund raising for our furry friends! The months of January and February are dedicated to our four footed buddies!  AniMeals is in need of food, blankets, help at the shelter and money donations. You can drop them off here at Tangles or go to their shelter. They have large animals in their care as well and they are in real need. We look forward to another successful drive for a great cause!

Franklin School adopted class

 Tangles is very proud to say that our "Adopt a Class" was extremely successful ! With the donations from our wonderfully generous clientele along with Sky West Employees, High Country Gifts , Baskin and Robins, Frankie's Mercantile, Walmart ( on hwy 93) ,T.J.Max , author Jeanette  Ingold  and the Todd Franicevich  family, we were able to give the children a fun Christmas Party!
  The" Mr. Monte" himself was there and gave out the gifts that Sky West, High Country Gifts and the Franicevich Family donated. Some of the items dropped off at Tangles went to the Secret Santa at Franklin  School, while others went to classrooms to help the teachers. Some  the funds raised went to the teacher of the adopted class, while some went to the purchase of the coats, gloves shoes etc. for other classes. All in all it was great fun and very successful.  A big heart felt Thank You to all involved !

Tangles Helps With The New Orleans Oil Spill

The staff at tangles is proud to say that we, with the help of our clientle, sent hair to benefit the oil spill clean up efforts...How cool is that!