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Nails by Nisha

   With so many choices for nail services and products it can be confusing!  Nisha will be happy to guide you in whatever your needs and wants may be.  
   She offers you a great nail service in a comfortable environment.  She works with all types of Gel enhancements,  gel polishes and polish services.

   Removable or soak off gel is durable with no commitment. 

   Hard Gel is equal (or some feel superior) to acrylics and has considerably less odor. This can have Shellac polish or regular polish to complete the service.

    She works with Shellac, an extended wear  “ Gel Polish ” . 

    One of the things that sets Nisha apart from some of the Nail Techs out there is her attention to the details of sanitation and proper procedures. Maintaining your health and that of your nails is important.
   Nisha is working in a private room and is using high quality products and equipment to make sure your service is the best it can be.
    She has received her Certificate as a CND Shellac Professional, through advanced hands-on education.

  Timing and pricing of services depends on cuticle condition, natural nail condition and if previous nail enhancement removal is needed.  
$5 per nail
Nail Fix
Break a nail? Don't you just hate that!?! Give us a call for a quick fix!
5 to 10 minutes per nail
Polish Change
In a hurry, just need a quick polish change out? We can do that!
15 to 20 Minutes
Express Manicure
Need to have your hands look neat and maintained, but not a lot of time? This is the service for you. Includes a finger fizz soak, nail shaping, cuticle care, and buffing to a nice shine. Topped off with Solar Oil. So no time to wait for nails to be polished or time to dry!
30 to 40 Minutes
Polish Manicure
This service includes a fizz soak of your choice, nail shaping, cuticle care, a wonderful hand massage and then finished with your choice of OPI Polish.

Infinite Shine Polish: Add $10
40 to 60 Minutes
Mommy and Me Manicure Special ( For children ages 14 yrs. and under )
It can be Grandmother and me, Sister and me, Babysitter and me, or even... Daddy and me! You get the idea! It is our manicure service, but it's all about sharing the experience!
90 minutes
Express Pedicure
Includes a Foot soak, sugar scrub of your choice, nail shaping, cuticle care, and a quick buff. Topped off with Solar Oil. It's nice and quick! No time spent polishing or time to dry!
40 to 50 Minutes
Polish Pedicure
This service includes a foot soak, sugar scrub of your choice, nail shaping, cuticle care, foot massage and finished with your choice of OPI Polish. We do not do Shellac or Gelish, as polish will last as long on your toe nails.

Add Infinite Shine Polish: $10
60 Minutes
CND Spa Pedi
Extra TLC, longer massage and wonderful CND Gardenia Woods foot bath soak with Sandalwood & Chamomile, Heel Therapy and luxurious moisturizing lotion. Or, you could choose the Bright Citron with Kaffir Lime & Honey scent.This service is topped off with your choice of polish.
90 min.
Shellac, Mani included
This product drys to a finish after curing. So no waiting for nails to dry or messing them up. If you have either of these products on your nails we first remove it. Then prep your nail for a new application. These are extended wear products that looks as good 2 weeks later as it does the day it was applied. Great isn't it? Choose your favorite Shellac or Gelish color for this service.
We do not use Shellac or Gelish on toe nails however.
1 to 1 1/2 hrs Depending on if previous service removal is needed
Hard Gel Full Set
Hard Gel is strong like Acrylic only with less odor. Just as strong but less smell? Who doesn't love that! Especially if you are sensitive. It is hypoallergenic and formaldehyde free. Is used to add length or if you are tough on your nails and need that extra strength.
Back fills :$30.00
2 to 3 hrs. Depending on how you want them finished.
Removable, or, soak off Gel
Creates a wearable, strong, thin, light weight and natural looking nail without the commitment. Is easy to remove with no damage to your natural nail. Gel is a hypoallergenic, flexible, non-acrylate and formaldehyde free product. Almost totally odorless, so if you are sensitive to smells...this is for you. Can be used as a base for polish or Shellac.

2 hrs to 3 hrs. (depending on how you want them finished)
New Full Set of Pink and White
This is a new set of nails without needing to remove any previous product.
2.5 to 3.5 hrs
$5.00 per nail OR to be determined if on all 10 nails
Nail Art
The possibilities are simply endless! And so much fun too! Since there are SO MANY choices and NUMBER of nails you may want to do,we need to know so the proper time can be allotted for your appt. You won't believe what you can do to make your nails be so..... YOU!!
5 to 10 minutes per nail additional time

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Mon Wed & Fri

8:00 am - 6:00 pm. (later by appt.)

Tues & Thurs
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9:00 am - 5:00 pm. (later by appt.)

Closed Sundays

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