Men's Services

Men's Services

Men's Services
PRICES MAY VARY due to length and thickness of hair. Or, for nail care cost, it can depend on condition of hands or feet where more work time may be needed.
$ 28.00
Hair Cut
We know men have their own needs when it comes to a hair cut. Be it fashion, trend or function we can help determin a cut that looks great and is easy to control. Your cut includes shampooing, condition if needed and products to help either control or define the look. We will help to educate you on the different finishing products we have and why they are used. If you don't like "stuff" in your hair, we won't use any! We offer to our clients at no charge, inbetween neck trims.
30 to 45 min.
$11 to $15.00
Beard trim
We can offer either a re shaping with your haircut or in between hair cuts. They can be just to keep you looking neat and stylish or to find a shape you lost months ago! Also, if a regular client and it's just a quick trim up...we will be happy to do it at no charge.
15 min.
$10.00 and up
Mustache Trim
A well shaped mustache is very important to show off the shape of your face. But, you know that already!
15 min.
Nioxin, Scalp Renew
There is no other product like this! Ten years in development and it's fineally here! This treatment helps to restore scalp and hair health.It addresses weak hair, sebum plugs, scalp build up, hardened collagen and layers of dead skin cells. It is a series of treatments, every 4 to six weeks is recommended. Immediate results are opened follicle sites and increased cellular turnover. Over time you'll see added density and strenght to your hair.
30 min.
Price depends on service due to the amount of options
Hair Color
Men are coloring their hair even more now then ever! And there are many ways to accomplish the results you want. Everything from "painting" color in certain areas to cover gray for a more youthful look....To something really creative! We will guide you in the correct direction.
30 to 60 Min.
$ 60& up
HiLighting and LowLighting
Sometimes you want to look like you just spent some time on a beach! So a little hilight will do the trick. Or maybe you want to down play the gray in your hair. We can do that too!
1 hr. to 2 hr.
$60.00 and up
Texture waves or Relaxing services
We do texture/relaxing treatments to help with some styles that need more control. Men aren't always aware of this option. These treatments can be helpful for some of the more trendy looks. Or, for men with very straight/curly hair that want more control when styling their hair.
1.5 to 2 hrs.
Man Scaping (eyebrow waxing only)
Most women like men with two eyebrows.....(We have heard this many times)! Don't let this scare you and the guys don't need to know! We can start off slow with little changes or you can jump right in and go for it! A well shaped brow can add structure to your face and either add strength or soften your look.
10 min to 15 min
Express Manicure
Business meeting? A first date or special occasion perhaps? Well maintained hands and fingernails are not just for girls. For very little time and effort this service can help you put your best hand shake forward. This service is in a private area away from the main Salon so you can feel comfortable. This service includes finger soak, cuticle care, nail trimming and shaping. A final buffing for a subtle shine or none if you prefer.
30 min.
Express Pedicure
Healthy feet and toe nails are important to your health and comfort. Our Nail Tech is educated on all nail needs and can guide you on how to keep them healthy and attractive. Besides, you want to put your best foot forward don't you? You never know when your toes will hit a beach! This service is in a private area of the Salon so you can feel comfortable. This service includes a foot soak, cuticle care, nail trimming and shaping. A final buffing for a subtle shine or none if you prefer.
30 to 45 min.

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