Perming and Texture

PRICING MAY VARY due to length or thickness of hair.



  • Tangles believes in beautiful healthy hair!  In keeping with that belief we will guide you in the correct choice of chemical service. 
  • Sometimes a consultation will be required ahead of time to determine if your hair is in satisfactory condition for a chemical treatment. There is no charge for this.
  •  Texture and perms services are a great way to add body or to help support a style. They can vary in how long they will last  depending on how they are done, and what you are wanting
  • These services include a deep cleansing shampoo, porosity balancing treatment if needed and a post service conditioner.
  • Hair cuts are an additional cost.

       Proper at home care is a MUST. Your stylist will guide you in the products you should use and explain why .                 


Perming and Texture

Basic Wrap (short /layered)
2.5 Hours
Basic (one length shoulder)
3 to 3.5 hours
Partial Wrap (half head)
$65 and up
2 Hours
Specialty Wraps
$250.00 and up
4 Hours and up
Consultation & deposit are required for specialty wraps.

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