Women's Services

Women's Hair Color

Includes: Consultation, Shampoo, Light Condition & Finishing. Cuts are an additional charge that require 30 to 45 min. more. THESE ARE STARTING PRICES and could increase depending on length of hair, amount of product needed and time involved.

New Single Process Color
$90.00., varies on length and thickness
2 hrs.
This is when you are looking to have a Single Process color service and you have no color on your hair. A Single Process Color is using "One Color". The formulation of that "one" color however, usually includes a combination of colors to make the color we would use for you. Since your natural color is s not "one" color your results won't be either.
Retouch Single Process Hair Color
$75.00, varies on length and thickness
1 to 1.5 hours
This service is retouching your outgrowth (roots). Also, whatever "refreshing" on other hair that may be needed.
Single Process Partline
45 min.
We can color just the part line to "get you through" when maybe you get called out of town or a special event has come up unexpectedly and you don't want your out growth to show.
New Bleach and Tone.
Requires consultation
Depends on length
We require a consultation (complimentary) ahead of time before we book an appointment for the service. Why? Because there are a lot of factors that we look at for this service, so, we need to see you to make a determination in the amount of time the service will actually take, can it even be done at all and what the cost will be.
Retouch Bleach & Tone
$150.00 , varies on length and thickness
3 to 4 hrs.
This is retouching the outgrowth and then toning.
Creative Hair Color / Fantasy & Fashion Colors / Ombre / Color Melts / Balayage
Consultation Required and cost to be determined
We require a consultation (complementary) before these services are booked. Why? Since there are SO many techniques of coloring and different names for these services it can be confusing, we want to be clear about what you desire. Balayage, for instance, is a technique (not a color), but may not be the best choice for the results you are wanting. Ombre simply means dark to light and it can be accomplished in different ways. This is why we need to see you so we can determine if the hair is in good condition, does it already have color or is it a 2 hour service or a 4 plus hour service.
Corrective Color Services
Consultation Required and cost to be determined
We understand how stressful it is to have problems with color. There are a variety of situations that can be considered "corrective color". Home color "gone bad" is definitely one. And, unfortunately, sometimes a less than satisfactory service from another Salon. A consultation is always needed ahead of time so we can determine how much time to book the actual appointment and what the cost will be.

Hi Lites / Foils

New Full Head Hilites
$140.00, varies on length and thickness
2.25 hours
So, it's time to try that hilite you have always wanted! How exciting! We can do anything from just a kiss of color to dramatic statements and everything in between! We will customize your perfect color combinations to give you the perfect hilite! There is no extra charge for however many colors we may choose to work with for you. Please allow more time for your first hilite to be created.
Full Head Hilite Retouch
$105.00 varies on length and thickness
1.5 hours
This is retouching the outgrowth of the entire head ( nape to front) with the same formula as used previously.
New Partial Hilite
$105,00 varies on length and thickness
1.5 to 2 hrs.
You don't have to do an entire head of hilites! No, we can create a partial to accent where you want the color to be!
Retouch Partial Hilite
1.25 Hours
This retouches the outgrowth (roots) of your partial hilite.
Part Line Retouch
1 hour
This is where ever a part may show outgrowth. Or, around the face and in the back neck line if you wear your hair up. This is a great and economical way to go in between fulls and partials.
Streaks & Accents
1 to 1.5 hours
Sometimes all you want is some brightness around your face or something fun like your bangs pink!

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